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Pastor's Letter
from April newsletter
Diapers Needed
Family Life Services Clinic and
Pregnancy Center is in need of diapers
sizes 4, 5 and 6.  When the mothers
come to the Center for baby items,
diapers are the #1 need.  A recent NBC
news article said, "poor moms anguish
over diaper costs."  According to the
article, a woman may experience shame
when she can't afford diapers.

Your diaper donations will make a
difference.  There is a donation box
located near the library in the fellowship
hall.  On behalf of the mothers and their
babies, thank you!
        Lenten Lectio Divina
          every Wednesday in Lent

       An ancient spiritual discipline for 21st
century people who are longing to rest in the
presence of God and listen for His voice.

       Lectio Divina is an ancient practice that is
intended to help us hard-of-hearing human
beings listen for God’s voice speaking through
Scripture.  It’s not Bible study.  There is no
lecturing.  We’re not trying to analyze or
discuss.  We’re not sharing our thoughts so
that we can learn from one another, but sharing
our presence as we seek to learn from God.  It
has no agenda.  We don’t come asking God for
anything…except God.

       The time is not ours to manage or
manipulate.  We show up and make ourselves
available.  The Holy Spirit does what He
chooses to do and says what He chooses to
Lectio Divina is a spiritual discipline that
helps followers of Jesus intentionally step away
from the frantic busy-ness of our lives and
practice the presence of God.  Think of it as a
sort of training tool—training for listening, self-
emptying, and waiting, open to receive but
without agenda.
         40 Days of Prayer

       It's time to pray heartfelt prayers again for
our community.  Forty days to Palm Sunday
begins March 5 and goes to April 13, 2014.

       A prayer guide, SEEK GOD FOR THE CITY
2014, is available to infuse your prayer time with
God-sized prayers.  Many believers from
hundreds of churches will be praying these
prayers in the prayer guide.  Just think of the
prayer power going up to God's throne of grace
and mercy!

You are invited to join in!  You are also invited to
join in as people from Calvary and Zera
Avraham come together on Sundays at Noon to
pray together.
Events etc.
Celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ!
Sunday, April 20

Pancake Breakfast -- 9am

Worship -- 10am

Come as you are!  You will be welcomed with joy!
Holy Week
Palm Sunday, April 13.....Worship, 10am

Maundy Thursday Worship Service.....April 17, 7pm
Good Friday Worship Service.....April 18, 7pm

Easter, April 20
Panckake Breakfast, 9am                     Worship, 10am

Sunday, May 4
following worship